A simple pace calculator for running

The other day I recalled using a handheld pace slider made of plastic and how easy it was to quickly find paces/splits.

I figured making a web app with the same ability would be fairly easy to implement – so here it is.

Hopefully you find it useful. If you have any ideas or input on improvement, feel free to drop me a message

Kevin Jantzer
Fellow runner & coach


Sept 7, 2016
Improve spacing between results.

Sept 19, 2015
New "cut-down comparison" feature. Useful for seeing different race times or when coaching multiple athletes. Make sure to have a limited set of splits selected.

Sept 13, 2015
Splits can be reset to the default list. Scrolling direction changed on mobile to feel more natural.

Sept 11, 2015
You can now create custom splits and delete ones you don't want. To delete a split, press and hold on the split until it disappears.

May 1, 2015
Added 3200 split for those non Oregon runners

Mar 30, 2015
Added 1600 split for Pamela Borg of Yreka, CA

Mar 24, 2015
Initial release.